Controls: Left, Right, Up(Climb), Down(Self-Destruct), Z(Get Your Groove On), X(Lenny Kravitz Style) - Blow up the door to break free.

Your gut is a dungeon and inside of it lives Mr. Youfgot.  He's got guts and so do you.  The problem is you also have some bad bacterial spikes and he just needs to get out.  Mr. Youfgot has a special power though.  Death is impermanent and he can use this to his advantage.  There's no rush...but be proud of your work and aware of the passage of time.  Help Mr. Youfgot escape the gut dungeon before nothing happens.

Made for MiniGame Jam 05/20/2018

NES limitations

Primary theme: Self-Destruct

Secondary Theme: Dungeons

All assets made during game jam.  All audio/sound effects created using the Korg Kingston Gadget.

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